• Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust
    Simon Morritt, Chief Executive Officer
    ‘The project has generated £589,480 in increased revenue over the project’s 14 week duration. We have already generated a 3:1 return on investment in the life of the project and the total annualised increase in revenue has been measured at £6,593,531, should the improved performance be sustained.’
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  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust
    Robert Burns, Director of Planning and Information
    We have also seen the highest ever throughput per room in outpatients.  Again a tribute to your project.’
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  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    ‘Productivity in core hours increased 200%

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  • Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
    Angela Gallagher Chief Operating Officer
    'We expect the savings resulting from this change to be up to £270k’
  • Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital Dublin
    Theaters and Outpatients
    Danny Dunne, Chief Executive
    ‘Meridian helped us implement the tools as well as the behavioural change during the project’


  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
    Adult Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
    Dr. Pete Cross Director of Finance and Theresa Smith Divisional Director

‘Meridian and the Trust were able to see the full picture and could identify improvement needs in terms of the quality of the patient experience as well as performance and therefore cost improvements.
‘We expect the work to increase the clinic utilisation as well as minimising complaints due to clinic cancellations’
‘We are confident that this sustained progress will result in the achievement of our stated intention of freeing up an entire ward in the near future as aligned the Better Care Together programme and our Service Development Initiatives.

  • Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
    Community services inc Older Adult Mental Health
    Robert Mackie Director of Finance
    ‘Identified an opportunity of around 2.3mil worth of savings and cashed £387,000 within the duration of the project.’
    Case Study

  • Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Inpatient Wards
    Kevan Taylor CEO
    ‘An average of 10 free beds daily. An annualised financial improvement of £3,389,186.’
    Reference     Case Study

  • Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Adult and older adult community Mental Health
    Kevan Taylor CEO
    'Annualised financial gain of £880k based on the modification of resource levels to meet Trust targets and patient demand.’ An average increase of time spent face to face with clients of 125%'
    Reference     Case Study

  • Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust
    Adult inpatient, HTT and Community services
    Maria Kane, CEO
    '£3mil annualised savings. Reduced contact costs by £20 per contact and Increased recorded activity by 30%.'
    Reference     Case Study
  • Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
    Crises teams and CDAT
    Paul Calaminus, Chief Operating Officer
    ‘True realised savings meaning we are now seeing ‘cashed’ results week on week. Around £300K annualised savings'
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  • <
  • Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
    Assessment and advice
    Paul Calaminus, Chief Operating Officer
    ‘The implementation of a robust management system which allowed them to monitor their performance on a daily basis’
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  • Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
    Substance Misuse Service
    Paul Calaminus, Chief Operating Officer
    ‘Approximately £375k per year in reduced cost per contact’
    Reference     Case Study
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Community Mental Health
    Prof. Jonathan Warren Director of Nursing
    ‘As an outside organisation they made the effort to understand the local context and were able to take on board the staff, service users and organisation to enable us to to find meaningful solution to any barriers to improvement’ 
    Reference     Case Study
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Occupational therapy teams
    Prof. Jonathan Warren Director of Nursing
    ‘At the time of project close utilisation of the inpatient occupational therapy group had shown an increase of 15% utilisation, representing a 35% improvement against previous figures (The programme had set out to achieve a 20% improvement)’
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
    Extended Primary Care Teams
    Prof. Jonathan Warren Director of Nursing
    'This has brought significant piece of mind that patient safety controls are now fully robust and transparent. ‘22% increase in overall patient contact (higher than was proposed by Meridian).’
  • Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust
    Gaynor Connor, Interim Improvement Director
    ‘Over the lifetime of the project, this led to a 49% reduction in children waiting for an assessment, 33% reduction in children waiting for treatment and a 48% reduction of cases from the inactive list in just 6 weeks. We were able to evidence the inappropriate use of resource spend to deliver a £144,518 annualised cash savings to RDaSH.’
    Reference     Case Study
  • Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust
    Bed management and community mental health
    Simon Large, Cheif Executive Officer
    ‘125 days without an Out Of Area placement. Contacts per day per CMHT clinician increased by an average of 38%. Reducing CMHT agency costs. cumulative Out Of Area savings throughout the duration of the programme equated to £537k
    , which means that the project paid for itself around 2.2 times before it ended on this metric alone - an outcome that we had not envisaged being able to achieve so rapidly.
    Reference     Case Study
  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
    Community Health Services and Mental Health Services for Older People
    Dr. Pete Cross Director of Finance
    ‘Removal of all breaches from the waiting list.  Realised financial improvement of £352,000 annualised.’
  • Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
    Musculoskeletal Service
    Pete Cross Director of Finance
    ‘Workshops and one to one sessions were held with team managers, team leads and administrators to ensure the systems put in place were understood and could be utilised’
  • South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
    Integrated Community Teams & Improving Access to Psychological Therapies
    Malcolm McCann Executive Director of Integrated Services
    10% increase in activity actionable within the IAPT teams. Within specialist nursing, savings up to £431,000.  No negative impact on the delivery of care.’
    Reference     Case Study


More Case Studies

Community Mental Health and Bed-Based Support Teams - Learning Disabilities

Mental Health Acute and Community Teams

Radiology Department - Productivity Improvement & Cost Reduction Programme

Integrated Community Teams & Therapy for You


Pathology Labs - Capacity Planning and Service Effectiveness (1.3 MB)
Meridian provided consolidation plans of four departments across three sites.

Outpatients Department - Demand Driven Capacity Planning (1.4 MB)
The project was designed to consider an alternative to the clinical timetable model, allowing for demand variation meant the patient journey became staged without bottlenecks occurring.

Sterile Services - Machine Capacity and Resource Planning (1.4 MB)
The project examined the feasibility of improving productivity & utilisation at Site 1; & develop a feasibility study for the consolidation of all Sterile Services at site 1.

Theatres - Capacity Utilisation and Patient Journey Improvements (1.3 MB)
Meridian produced detailed Capacity & Resource Requirement Plans based on Capacity and Demand variations.

Discharge Planning and Bed Management (1.3 MB)
The development and implementation of a “real time” and accurate patient status with the goal of reducing length of stay over 500 Beds, over 16 wards.

Primary Care Trusts

Community Nursing - Improved Reference Costs and Productivity (1.8MB)
The PCT Community Nursing was performing poorly with high reference costs, low activity and low utilisation of the PCT’s Community Clinic Centres, thus increasing overhead costs

Community Nursing – Improved MIS and Behaviour Change (2MB)
Meridian developed and implemented for a PCT struggling with the amalgamation of 4 PCTs into 1 a suite of management tools and change programme to give consistency in service delivery and reporting across the Trust.

Private Hospitals

Imaging Machine Utilisation and Patient Waiting Times (2 MB)
Meridian’s objectives were to achieve the MRI volume targets, support the existing manager through training and coaching, schedule appointments effectively and install a system of monitoring the department’s performance against Patient Service Level Indicators.

Theatre Management System (2.8 MB)
Meridian developed a fit for purpose Theatre management system to effectively utilise the hospital’s four operating theatres and team goals that included: improved costing information, pre-operative testing protocols and improving liaison between the theatre and admissions department.

We also have a selection of case studies from outside the Health sector which can be requested via our contact page.

We were impressed by their scientific approach and satisfied with the improvements in efficiency and costs that arose from the survey
Bryan Harty
Chief Executive
Blackrock Clinic

Radiology scanning capacity has increased by 25% to accommodate demand
Lily Byrnes
General Manager
Wexford Hospital

The team were very approachable and open to input from myself as the Clinical Director
Dr Ken Walsh
Perioperative Clinical Director
Cork University Hospital

As a direct result of the project we have seen a 22% increase in overall patient contact volume, which represents the highest reported activity numbers we have seen since our RiO system was installed
Professor Jonathan Warren
Director of Nursing
East London NHS Foundation Trust

In most services we have seen up to 50% improvements in patient facing time which is now consistent and still improving
Michelle Parker
Assistant Director

This has already resulted in more efficient working in theatre and will allow us in the future to plan our surgical services in a more productive manner
John G. Kennedy
Clinical Director
Perioperative Directorate
University Hospital Limerick

At the time of project close, utilisation of the inpatient occupational therapy group sessions had shown an increase of 15% utilisation, representing a 35% improvement against previous figures (the programme had set out to achieve a 20% improvement)
Professor Jonathan Warren
Director of Nursing
East London NHS Foundation Trust

The Meridian programme put in place controls and measures that highlighted to managers where the problems were so that corrective action could be taken
Steve Warburton
Director of Finance and Business Services
Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Exciting, informative, useful and challenging in equal measure. Most of all it has been worthwhile
Ms. Colette Cowan
Group Director of Nursing/Midwifery
Galway University Hospitals

I think the way in which you and your colleagues became 'embedded' in our staff while maintaining a separate objective voice was very effective
Tony Canavan
Galway & Roscommon University Hospitals Group

We found the whole process a very useful experience which has enabled us to move forward on an important task
Dr Navina Evans
Director of Operations & Consultant Psychiatrist
East London NHS Foundation Trust

We increased the average number of patients per clinic across all specialties - in some specialties by over 30%
Alex Whitfield
Commercial Dir. / Operations Dir. for Medicine
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The new ways of working were hardly rocket science but they were precisely what was required
Dr John Kitching
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

They bring an element of expertise that we did not have and helped short cut the process of delivering the changes we needed to increase productivity and improve patient experience
Russell Harrison
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Our current additional capacity sessions have reduced by 30% and productivity within baseline activity has increased significantly - totalling more than 110% of our investment during the life of the project
Steven Vaughan
Director of Operations & Performance
Uni. Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Found. Trust

The work identified efficiency savings which were delivered through supplier contract renegotiations, better stock and menu management
Paul Bond
Head of Estates and Facilities
Basingstoke & North Hampshire NHS Found. Trust

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